Choices in networks: a research framework

Feinberg, F., Bruch, E., Braun, M., Hemenway Falk, B., Fefferman, N., Feit, E.M., Helveston, J.P., Larremore, D., McShane, B.B., Patania, A., & Small, M.L. (2020) “Choices in networks: a research framework” Marketing Letters. 31(4), 349-359. DOI: 10.1007/s11002-020-09541-9

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Networks are ubiquitous in life, structuring options available for choice and influencing their relative attractiveness. In this article, we propose an integration of network science and choice theory beyond merely incorporating metrics from one area into models of the other. We posit a typology and framework for “network-choice models” that highlight the distinct ways choices occur in and influence networked environments, as well as two specific feedback processes that guide their mutual interaction, emergent valuation and contingent options. In so doing, we discuss examples, data sources, methodological challenges, anticipated benefits, and research pathways to fully interweave network and choice models.


  title={Choices in networks: a research framework},
  author={Feinberg, Fred and Bruch, Elizabeth and Braun, Michael and Falk, Brett Hemenway and Fefferman, Nina and Feit, Elea McDonnell and Helveston, John and Larremore, Daniel and McShane, Blakeley B and Patania, Alice and others},
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