A collection of some projects that may or may not be related to my research.


An R package for estimating multinomial (MNL) and mixed logit (MXL) models in R with "Preference" space or "Willingness-to-pay" (WTP) space utility parameterizations.


An R package with tools for designing choice based conjoint (cbc) survey experiments and conducting power analyses.

Wireless Corne

A build log and gallery of how I built my wireless Corne keyboard.

The Distillery

A distill website showcasing other distill websites and blogs.


A data package that contains some tidy formatted data on vehicle production and sales from the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles (OICA, English Name: “International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers”). The data sets are also merged with standard country / area codes come from the United Nations Statistics Division.


An R package for rendering slides and other media into different formats, including html, pdf, png, gif, pptx, and mp4.


A bunch of reproducible charts. All data and source code are available at

GW Coders

A study group that brings together students and faculty to apply computational and data analytics skills in research.


An interactive R Shiny app for comparing layouts of different split mechanical keyboards. Built for the ergonomic keyboard community r/ErgoMechKeyboards.

λέξις (lexis)

A theme for xaringan slides with a light gray background, "Fira Sans Condensed" for headers, "Inter" for body text, and "SFMono-Regular" for mono text.

EMSE 4571: Intro to Programming for Analytics

A course on the fundamentals of programming and computational thinking in R.

EMSE 4572: Exploratory Data Analysis

A course on the foundations in exploring and visualizing data in R.

EMSE 6035: Marketing Analytics for Design Decisions

A course on analyzing consumer choice data in R to inform design decisions in an uncertain, competitive, market.


A template for how to create a choice-based conjoint survey using the formr survey platform.

R for Analytics Primer

A self-guided tutorial for developing a foundation in programming in R for data analysis, including data input/output, data wrangling, and data visualization using the Tidyverse.

Iris Rev 2

A build log and gallery of how I built my Iris Rev 2 keyboard.


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