A collection of some projects that may or may not be related to my research.


R package for fast estimation of multinomial and mixed logit models with preference space and willingness to pay space utility parameterizations.


R package with tools for designing choice based conjoint (cbc) survey experiments and conducting power analyses.

Wireless Corne

Build log and gallery of how I built my wireless Corne keyboard.

The Distillery

Distill website showcasing other distill websites and blogs.


R data package with tidy formatted data on vehicle production and sales from the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers.


R package for rendering slides and other media into different formats, including html, pdf, png, gif, pptx, and mp4.


Bunch of reproducible charts. All data and source code are available at

GW Coders

Study group that brings together students and faculty to apply computational and data analytics skills in research.


Interactive R Shiny app for comparing layouts of different split mechanical keyboards. Built for the ergonomic keyboard community r/ErgoMechKeyboards.

λέξις (lexis)

Theme for xaringan slides with a light gray background, "Fira Sans Condensed" for headers, “Roboto” for body text.

Intro to Programming for Analytics in R

Open source text book on the fundamentals of programming and working with data in R.


Template for how to create a choice-based conjoint survey using the formr survey platform.

R for Analytics Primer

Self-guided tutorial for developing a foundation in programming in R for data analysis, including data input/output, data wrangling, and data visualization using the Tidyverse.

Iris Rev 2

Build log and gallery of how I built my Iris Rev 2 keyboard.


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